Travel Day Reflection: DR Bibles & Bricks Youth Mission Trip

Bibles and Bricks 22-2
July 10, 2022  |  Written by Spencer Mullen.

This was my first flight ever! The flight from Charlotte to Santo Domingo was pretty good, and the views as we were coming in were beautiful! As we approached our landing we were going pretty fast, but the landing wasn’t too bad. When we landed we were greeted by Solid Rock International’s In-Country Director Jeff Bucher and his daughter Braegan.

We made our way to the hotel. The drive through town was eye opening, seeing all the different people and the culture. The houses and lifestyle are so different from home. It made me thankful for what I have. All the people we met were extremely nice and welcoming. And we made it through the city and to our hotel safely.

We ate dinner as soon as we arrived. We talked for a bit and then went to our rooms to get settled. The Lighthouse Guesthouse where we stayed had a very nice pool. So we planned on meeting at the pool, but first we played ping pong. Sebastien and I played against each other, and to tell the truth, I absolutely destroyed him!

As we were swimming, we noticed the beautiful red sky of the setting sun. And then, soon after we began swimming, it started to pour down rain. But we all swam for a bit longer in the rain until the rain got even harder. We decided to get out and had to rush under the porch. After we dried off from swimming, we gathered back in the dining area to end the night with a devotional and evening worship.

Our first day of travel was great, and we are looking forward to a transformative week!