The History of Second Presbyterian Church

In February 1891, the idea of establishing a “second” Presbyterian church was born. Roanoke was growing rapidly, and a new church was needed to accommodate all the worshipers. The first services were held in a private home and in a vacant building while the chapel was being built. The chapel was opened for use in 1892 and served the congregation until the present stone building was erected in 1906.

Second Presbyterian has continued to grow along with Roanoke. The founders who raised $19,544 in 1905 to erect the original building would marvel at our present facilities which cover an entire block at the edge of downtown Roanoke. In the beginning, members all lived in the general area and walked to church.

Today, members come from all over the Roanoke Valley to participate in the life of the church. Even with many changes, the things that give life to this church remain constant. In unbroken commitment since August 1891, the church has proclaimed Jesus Christ through inspired worship, quality education, a warm fellowship, and significant service to those in need. We extend a cordial welcome to all who come to Second Presbyterian Church and share with us in our work and service for Christ.